We have expertise and experience of undertaking research studies using exclusively quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method approach. Our technical expertise includes study/survey designing (e.g. experimental, cross-sectional, descriptive methods); developing study instruments; tool translation & piloting; obtaining Ethics Clearance; mobilizing competent data collection team; classroom & on-field training; house listing; data collection maintaining ethical standards; data scrutiny & validation; data entry package development using CSPro; transporting data to SPSS/STATA & analysis; interpreting & writing reports.

Apart from doing various quantitative studies and research works, we very much understand the steps and requirements of qualitative research starting with framing research questions, using appropriate tools & techniques, using PRA and PLA methods for data collection, data recording, transcribing, translating, developing coding schemes and linking with research questions and coding & analyzing using NVivo 12.

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